In June of 2014, we launched our Indiegogo campaign to start up our small business. We had a modest goal of $1000, which we exceeded in about 20 minutes! At the end of our week long fundraiser, we were at almost $9,000. Most of this will be donated to needy shelters, and the rest was used to start up our online store!

Our main goal is to shine the spotlight on the wonderful homeless cats that are often overlooked in shelters. There are too many misconceptions about shelter cats, especially ones that are “different”. Every kitty deserves a home, even if they are not perfect. We hope to change a few minds about adoption, and help out shelters in the process.

How much of my purchase is donated?
Please refer to each individual item for the amount donated (excluding any tax and shipping costs). Each item in our store will have an explanation of percentages in the description.

How much money do you donate to each shelter?
Right now, we usually donate $250 to a shelter at a time. This allows us to donate a good little chunk to many different places. We also donate to medical funds.

Can I recommend a shelter that I think deserves a donation?
Yes! Please email us at

Will you be adding new cat designs?
Yup! We hope to have guest artists as well!

 Who are you willing to donate to?
We will only donated to non-profit shelters or rescue groups. We will not donate to individuals, sorry. We prefer to donate to shelters and groups that take the time to care for the cats that other places would consider less adoptable. We will also donate to help with the medical bills of specific cats, but only if this is through a non-profit shelter or rescue group.