We donated $200 for the care of Hiccup, a small little kitten that had a very hard and short life. It’s heartbreaking when a cat passes, especially when so many were rooting for them. Still, we are happy to donate to a wonderful rescue like Anjellicle Cats. They did all they could to save this precious life. We really thought that he would pull through his ordeal.


“Baby Hiccup is merely six weeks old.  He was brought to an animal hospital last week as a stray with a broken back leg.  The vets determined the break was old and had healed improperly, so it needed to be amputated.  The clinic was gracious enough to cover the cost of the surgery in exchange for us taking custody of him and placing him in a foster home, but poor Hiccup is having some complications now and we are responsible for his emergency stay.  On Saturday 6/20, a few days after his surgery, he started having seizures in his foster home so we rushed him to another vet, where he has been staying the last few days.  His incision site is infected and he’s been on IV fluids and antibiotics, as well as anti-convulsion medications.

We now believe he had some neurological toxicity from a medication he was receiving during his previous stay.  The good news is that he has an excellent prognosis, as it is something he can recover from, rather than a life-threatening or long-term issue.  He is staying at least one more day at the emergency vet for observation and to keep an eye on his temperature, which keeps flirting with a fever.”