Welcome to the Tiny Shelter! We currently have 10 cats looking for a new home. Each one has their own personality and story to tell. Which cat is the one for you?

Neurological Condition | Shyness | Missing Limb | Deaf | Unpopular Color | FIV + | Older | Special Diet | Rescued Foster | Missing Eye


Cerebellar Hypoplasia
This independent cat has Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a neurological condition that affects his coordination. He may walk a little differently, but his CH doesn’t stop him from enjoying life!


One-Eyed Purr Machine
This friendly boy came to the shelter as an injured stray. His eye couldn’t be saved, but he has adjusted well to it and is looking for a new home!


Shy little Gentleman
This is one shy cat! Many people have overlooked him at the shelter because he won’t approach them. Like many cats, he’s having trouble adjusting to this new scary place! But, give him time to warm up to you and he will be your new best friend!


Elegant Older Lady
This elderly cat had a loving home for many years, but has ended up in a shelter. She is looking for a home that wants a quiet, peaceful companion. She loves being brushed!


Second Chance Cat
This is one lucky cat! A rescue group got her out of a high-kill animal shelter before the worst happened! Many shelter pets are put down each day, but Strawberry thankfully was not one of them. Currently in foster care and looking for a home!


Needs Special Diet
This troublemaker likes to eat EVERYTHING! But, if you take him home, please make sure he only eats his special diet for Urinary Tract Infection prevention.  Keep him away from pizza, and keep him healthy!


Missing leg? No Problem!
This little lady lost her front leg in an accident, but that doesn’t stop her from being playful and awesome! She does not require any special care, and hopes you can look past her missing leg and take her home!


Curious Deaf Explorer
This fluffy young boy is so curious about the world. He became deaf at a young age, but requires no special care. He is easily startled and wants to get into everything!


FIV+ and your new BFF
This loving calico has FIV: A disease that is often misunderstood and feared. The truth is, despite her illness, Cookie can live a long and healthy life if you take good care of her! Frequently overlooked, FIV+ cats can make wonderful friends!


NOT bad luck!
Black cats are the least likely color of cat to be adopted! Really! Some people associate them with bad luck, or being evil. Clover is anything but bad luck!