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Paying For an Emergency Vet Bill

If you find yourself suddenly needing a TON of money for an emergency vet bill, it can be very stressful! Luckily, there are some things you can do to help your situation.

Apply for Care Credit
Financial Resources by US State
YouCaring Fundraising


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Donation to Hiccup

We donated $200 for the care of Hiccup, a small little kitten that had a very hard and short life. It’s heartbreaking when a cat passes, especially when so many were rooting for them. Still, we are happy to donate to a wonderful rescue like Anjellicle Cats. They did all they could to save this […]

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Donation to Kitty Bungalow!

Our first donation since we have returned from CatConLA was to Kitty Bungalow in LA! This organization adopts out cats in need, and also does a TNR program to help control the population of strays in Los Angeles. You definitely need to take a look at their adorable school themed website! We donated $250, which […]

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CatConLA 2015!

We had a ton of fun at CatConLA!!

It was great to meet some fans and make some new ones! We were able to raise a lot of money for future donations. The convention was packed with cat lovers young and old, products for your kitty and for cat parents, and even celebrity cats like Pudge […]

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Donation to The Kitty Krusade with Justin Fire Survivor!

From the sales of our Justin plush, we were able to donate $400 to Justin’s rescue, The Kitty Krusade! We are proud to support this rescue that helps cats in desperate situations!
We will continue to donate to The Kitty Krusade as we sell more plushies!

Follow Justin on Facebook!

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Justin, Fire Survivor joins The Tiny Tabby!

At just one month old, poor Justin was intentionally set on fire. Against the odds, this little fighter survived and found a loving home! He may have lost his ears, but that doesn’t stop him from being totally adorable!
Now, Justin is the Spokeskitty for The Kitty Krusade, a rescue that helps other cats in dire […]

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All about Black Cats! Featuring Clover!



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Adorable photos of our donations from Feline Rescue Inc!


Feline Rescue Inc. Was kind enough to send us photos of some of their cats enjoying a few items from our holiday gift boxes! Thank you for sharing, Feline Rescue Inc.!

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10 Ways to help your local animal shelter

Download this 8.5″ x 11″ .pdf and print it to hang in your local shelter, share on social media, or wherever else it can be seen!

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Seeking Cat Photos!

We are looking for photos of real-life cats that are similar to our plush characters! Do you have a cat with  missing eye like Butter? Or an FIV+ cat that you love? If so, email us and let us know your cat’s story! We’d love to have the online profiles of our plush cats also […]

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